Advanced Mobile Media Management

Machine Advertising offers the next generation of mobile media management, resetting the rules on mobile performance campaigns.

We believe advertisers deserve greater control on their mobile marketing investment, a partner with a non-conflicting commercial model, professional operational standards and continuous protection against ad-fraud exposure, as standard.

Machine has developed a suite of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools, which sit at the heart of our operations. Clients can access these products via two services, Helix (SaaS) and DNA (professional services), to support their marketing investment.

Machine delivers advanced mobile media programmes, executed by technology proficient client services teams.

Working with Machine, clients benefit from:

  • End-to-end campaign transparency
  • Access to real-time data
  • 24/7 Machine Learning supply-chain auditing
  • Advanced ad-fraud protection
  • Reduced budget wastage
  • Expert teams providing data led strategies
  • No smoke, no mirrors.

Are you ready for the truth?


To achieve mobile marketing targets, advertisers need to navigate a complex and inefficient mobile advertising ecosystem.

Why is this?

The ecosystem is congested with multiple technology vendors and increasingly sophisticated ad-fraud. Across the campaign lifecycle, marketers will need to have access to skilled resource and utilise a selection of technology service providers.

For the campaign to be delivered successfully, each of the selected technology services will need to work together, passing back and forth campaign data. It’s common that one or more of the vendors in the supply chain will fail to work correctly and the campaign will be exposed to ad-fraud and poor performance; resulting in the loss of investment.

To address these challenges Machine developed, Helix and DNA services.

machine technology


A powerful tool for mobile media trading.

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machine services


A skilled team operating the Helix platform on behalf of clients.

A skilled team operating the Helix platform on behalf of clients.

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