About us

Machine is a London based mobile advertising software company

We have built the global proprietary software platform, Helix, to enable clients to leverage multiple best in market technologies that we aggregate and optimise through Helix. Clients access Helix through our DNA services. Bringing together the complex global digital mobile advertising landscape. Our team are experienced advertising professionals from our developers to our client services.

The solution to excellent campaign delivery that takes advantage of the USP’s of mobile whilst delivering cost efficiency and KPI’s are not found with one technology but many, used in combination.

Managing this is where we bring simplicity, transparency and control for our clients.

management team

Gary Danks

Managing Director & Founder

[email protected]

Danny Jones

Communications & Marketing Director and Founder

[email protected]

Hannah Graham

Commercial Director

[email protected]

Robert Pawlowicz

Technical & Product Director

[email protected]

Rhiannon Collings

Client Services Director

[email protected]

Ricky Stevens

Lead Developer

[email protected]

Joseph Hodgson

Head of Application & Information Architecture

[email protected]

Gareth Hill

Lead Quality Control Engineer

[email protected]

Rachel Stockton

Senior Campaign Manager

[email protected]

Amina Kanouni

Data Scientist

[email protected]
our clients