Case studies

Fraud Prevention

  • Fraud Prevention
  • Retail

Machine Advertising partnered with a leading e-commerce advertiser. With a global presence, a significant percentage of marketing investment goes towards mobile app install campaigns.


In one of their main European territories the advertiser needed to achieve a monthly install target of 71,500. This excluded Social and Search activity.

On average, the advertiser retrospectively disputes 25% to 30% of installs every month, a time consuming and ineffective process using valuable human resource.

  • 60% paid for installs via ad networks
  • 40% organic installs
  • 19% conversion rate and $21.50 eCPA had been established

The client has integrated Tune as their preferred mobile measurement partner (MMP).

The Challenge:

Can Machine improve the Conversion Rate, eCPA and ultimately ROI?

Can Machine reduce the number of disputed installs, and lower the amount of time and resource needed for reconciliation?

The Solution:

Using the advertiser’s supply sources, the DNA team managed the advertiser’s campaign in Helix over a 4 week period (excluding Search & Social).

Machine’s proprietary technology auto-blocked suspicious activity, before the campaign was exposed.

Helix was programmed with automatic campaign rules, set to the advertisers specifications. These included: time to install & Install rate rules.

When the rules were breached, the source was automatically blocked from the campaign, at sub ID level, and installs were automatically disputed.

The Results


Total Install Results

  • 20% reduction in total installs delivered.
  • Volume of conversions remained very similar, but with a higher conversion rate of 23%.
  • This is validation that a reduction in artificial or incentivised installs has been achieved.

Organic Install Results

  • Organic install attribution increased by 58%.
  • This is evidence that ridding the campaign of click stuffing and install hijacking (i.e. attribution theft) protects organic install activity and increases ROI.

Paid for Installs Results

  • Machine blocked high instances of click stuffing and install hijacking sources.
  • Decreasing paid for installs by 39%.

Overall Results

In one territory and in a 4 week period, Machine:

  • Saved the advertiser approximately $86k in marketing spend.
  • Achieved the same number of conversions, reducing the eCPA to $17.82 (-17%)
  • Reduced the number of retrospective disputed installs to under 1%.
  • Reduced time spent/human resource on reconciling disputed installs to almost zero.