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Helix unifies Machine’s proprietary tools and the best in-market mobile advertising platforms into a single end-to-end campaign terminal, creating an efficient and holistic view of the mobile advertising eco system.

Specifically designed for the mobile performance market; Helix makes it possible for marketers to manage campaigns across their entire advertising supply chain with total operational efficiency, advanced real-time ad-fraud protection and greater campaign data.

How it Works


Helix auto-generates Machine campaign tags (M-Tags) which contain; proprietary monitoring tools, enhancing campaign data. Then, with over 150 platforms to choose from: Helix carefully curates the best delivery platforms to achieve campaign performance, automatically pushing the M-Tag into the selected technologies. The platform selection happens as Helix is programmed with the campaign specifics, such as; app measurement partners, KPI’s, geo’s and scale. Clients existing preferred partners, who are not already integrated with Helix, are easily switched on.

During the Campaign:

In real-time, the Machine algorithms learn from the data, provided by the monitoring tools, and dynamically scales-up delivery on platforms that are driving the best results, reducing or eliminating platforms, which are not. Simultaneously, Machine’s artificial neural network (MANN) makes milliseconds decisions on users: approving those, which are human and rejecting fraudulent activity. Rejected users are blocked before the campaign receives it, preventing post campaign analysis and wrongful attribution.


By managing the mobile advertising supply chain with Helix, clients gain exceptional market advantages; increasing performance and scale, campaign intelligence and transparency, operational efficiencies and ultimately, superior ROI.

Helix is available as a self-serve platform (SaaS) or via the DNA service. We offer free of charge trials of the Helix platform, for more information please contact us, click here.

Helix is integrated with over 150 of the worlds leading mobile advertising technologies and only the highest quality inventory sources.

Analysing and displaying campaign data every 5 seconds, Helix executes advanced and powerful campaign optimisations.

With sophisticated ad-fraud detection tools, Helix continually protects clients investment, delivering market-leading performance.



A highly skilled team of data-driven, mobile specific media traders: operating the Helix platform on behalf of clients.

Helix removes the technical and operational constraints of managing a mobile advertising campaign. This allows the DNA team to effectively use a varying combination of technologies to generate hundreds of real-time campaign strategies and maintain peak performance. With a technology proficient team and advanced scientific processes practised, the DNA service constantly delivers high quality results for clients.

The DNA service offers the next generation of business models, which are more relevant in today’s market; providing clients with transparency and qualified expertise, ensuring that achieving results and professional client service is delivered.

The DNA service provides clients with some of the most experienced mobile advertising professionals in the industry.

dna models


Fixed Trading Service

  • Rates fixed pre campaign.
  • Entry level service.
  • Suited to ad-hoc activity.
  • Minimum commitment: No
  • Helix license: No


Advanced Trading Service

  • Full supply chain management
  • Data driven mobile media strategies
  • Full transparency on rates and technology
  • Minimum commitment: Yes
  • Helix license: Yes


Campaign Operations & Management

  • Client provides supplier and media plan
  • DNA campaign set-up, execution, management and reporting
  • Full transparency on rates and technology
  • Minimum commitment: Yes
  • Helix license: Yes
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